Andrew Forrester Psychotherapist


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I went to a school where you had to choose when you got into the sixth form either sciences or arts subjects at 'A' Levels.After much shilly shallying, I chose Arts mainly  because of the teachers who had taught me that year.



These days, 30 years after I completed my psychotherapy training, I am sometimes asked if  I think of therapy as an art or a science; to which I answer that like most things , it does not have to be an either/or; it is both/and.

Furthermore, as in my decision about 'A' Levels the person who is doing it is the crucial and decisive ingredient.That is why, if you are considering therapy, talk to  - and even better, meet with - more than one therapist.I have certainly asked around and  met with different therapists when I was looking for a therapist myself.



This website will give you some information about me - including places in nature that speak to me- my experience and approach to therapy.If interested in taking the next step get in touch and then we can talk about  meeting face to face - to get  a sense if I am someone you feel you could work with.