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Andrew Forrester Psychotherapist

Tel: 07960 201459


My approach has evolved over the 20 plus years that I have been practicing as a therapist and continues to do so.Life never stands still and if I find myself getting into a groove I like to check to see if I am letting life teach me what I need to learn next.Each person I meet, especially in the privileged surroundings of the therapy room, teaches me something..


Also, I bring to therapy a framework in which safety and clarity of boundaries form the bedrock.Upon this foundation, I aim to nurture conversations or dialogues that bring to bear the best of your intelligence and resourcefulness and my experience and knowledge of human behaviour - and in so doing move  towards the goals we have agreed for your therapy.


In general,  putting into words difficult,even unbearable feelings is an aim common to many therapies.To begin with , these feelings may show themselves indirectly as we put up barriers,distraction or numbness to protect ourselves.I start from the assumption that these self protective measures were learned for good reason and both honour their value(sometimes necessity) and recognise that they need to be superceded.In the therapy they are also valuable as they point towards the situations in which they arose as 'the best you could do ' at the time. In this way the past shows its influence in the present and from that recognition I invite you to experiment - to try out first in the

therapy room and later in your life -  something different. This process will give you not just insight into the past but a 'felt sense' of becoming a person who can go beyond the patterns laid down in the course of your life.


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