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Andrew Forrester Psychotherapist

Tel: 07960 201459

How much does a session cost?


     £45 for individual therapy ; £55 for couple therapy


How long does a session last?


        50 minutes individual; 60 minutes couple.


What if I have to cancel?


         No charges unless is less than 48 hours notice .Then the full fee is owed.


Do you do concessions?


         I have a small number of concessionary places.Feel free to ask for details.



How long does a therapy last?



         Individual Solution focussed counselling lasts 6 weekly  sessions.


      In addtion I have a limitted number of spaces for long term depth psychotherapy which is open ended after an initial trial of therapy lasting 6 sessions.

      Couples sessions are usually fortnightly for 6 - 12 sessions


I am on anti depressants - will that interfere with my therapy?


         Anti depressants are invaluable to take the edge off the worst of the feelings of depression and anxiety.In the course of your therapy we can discuss if they are making it difficult to get in touch with the feelings you want help in resolving.We can discuss the right course of action  in conjunction with your doctor.






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